A- Attached or Single: Attached (and happily so)
B- Best Friend: Joleen, Em, Candy
C- Cake or Pie: Cake (cheesecake specifically)
D- Day of Choice: Not at work...
E- Essential Item: Lotion
F-Favorite Color: Red
G- Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy Worms
H- Hometown: Fallon, NV
I- Favorite Indulgence: Dessert- Cheesecake
J-January or July: July, I LOVE the summer
K- Kids: 3 crazy beautiful girls
L- Life isn't complete without: My WONDERFUL friends, family, and boyfriend.
M-Marriage date: NEVER!!!! ahaha... been there, done that.
N- Number of Brothers and Sisters: 2 sisters, 2 brothers
O- Oranges or Apples: Apples, pink lady's are my fav!
P- Phobias and Fears: Snakes!!! Eeww! Eeww! Eeww!
Q-Quirk: Bored at work=stealing other peoples phones and taking random pics of myself and applying them as wallpapers, etc.
R- Reason to smile: Anytime my kids giggle at the same time and I don't know why.
S- Season of Choice: SUMMER!!
T- Tag 4 people: Joleen, Aubrey, Alisha, Tracy S.
U- Unknown Fact about me: unknown for very good reasons
V-Vegetable: Green beans and Spargus. hehe.
W- Worst Habit: Not saying things when I should sometimes.
X- X-ray or Ultra Sound: Have had both
Y-Yogurt or Yo-Yo: I'm so sick of yogurt
Z- Zodiac Sign: Virgo



Thats right! I can't really believe it myself.

I had my house on the market for just a little over 30 days and now we have to be out by January 16th. Left with a wide range of emotions and not much time to pack, its sure to be a busy and exciting new year for us.

We will be without a home for at least 30 days but we'll be staying with family here until I can finalize a home in Reno.

So there it is... thats some of my BIG news. Still more posts to come.
Hope everyone is recovering from Christmas and getting ready for the New Year!


We're goin' to ROME

First, I know I haven't posted in awhile and I have a lot of catching up to do. I haven't made the time to sit down at my computer and download pics from my camera. But when I do, I'll play catch up. I have lots of news.

Remember when I won that race in Vegas? Well, the whole time I was racing I had some great motivation. Taylor had said that if I won that we would go on a trip somewhere. That somewhere ended up being ROME!!

I'm so excited! ok... and a little overwhelmed. I have never been to Europe or had to experience a language barrier. Not to mention, Rome has SOO much to see. Regardless, it will be an adventure of a lifetime.

You know what they say, "When in Rome..."


One Hell of a Weekend

On Wednesday dad and I drove all the way to Vegas only to find 2 days of rain waiting for us. no racing. just waiting. It gave dad plenty of time to "fix" all the little things he's never taken the time to fix. I had the time to practice my reaction times on our practice tree (those are the lights that are used to start a drag race). It was ok though because we had a good weather forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Come on sunshine!

Did I mention that it was COLD at night! Being the die hard racers that we are, we sat in the stands on Friday night after we had both lost just to see how the days finals would turn out. No big wins yet but we still had 2 more days of racing. Keep your fingers crossed.

Saturday rolls around and the weather is beautiful!! 70 degrees, no wind, perfect racing weather. I spent the whole day either waiting in my car to run or standing by my dads car for his runs. I was entered in 2 classes and my dad was in the 3rd class. My car fits 2 categories so I could race in both the Sportsman and Pro classes. This meant I had a busy weekend but thats what I was there for.

Saturday night:
16 hours of racing later I had made it to the finals in Sportsman and was able to bring the WIN home!! I was so excited! I don't race much at all anymore and it was so neat to show up to such a big race and win one of my classes.
This meant that I could finally have a drink and boy, did I want to CELEBRATE!

Sunday night:
14 hours of racing later I won the BIG one! Bigger trophy, Bigger check!
This was a weekend that I'll never forget.