On the Road AGAIN

The Pre-Disneyland Drive
those are pretty happy faces for 6am
So the real reason why we made the trip to Disneyland on such short notice is because Taylor's aunt was in town from Alaska. Her son lives in LA so we figured we would all go to visit and make a vacation out of it.

I'm still so glad that little miss Olivia takes the occasional nap. If it weren't for Cherie's help, it would have been a very difficult drive. Thanks again Cherie!

We made a stop in Bishop on the way down. It was a perfect place to let everyone out to stretch their legs a bit. We had a nice lunch and of course we played with our food. you'll see below
This is proof that chewing with your mouth open is VERY unattractive!!

I'm pretty sure that Dylon and I set the record for
longest distance-open mouth-no hand-grape catch.
Nicely done!

Faith came in 2nd. Hasn't quite mastered the skill yet.
Nothing a few years and a couple hundred grapes won't fix

No she's not laughing hysterically, this is Cherie's attempt at the grape catch.
I was impressed. :o)

Then its back in the car to finish out the drive. 4 movies later and what seemed like
we made it to Taylor's cousin, Stider and his fiance Tara's house.
It was really nice to mean more of Taylor's family. They have all been so nice and welcoming. Strider and Tara are expecting their 1st baby ~ a little girl YAY!~ in September.
Hopefully we will go back down to visit after she arrives.

Strider, Tara and Cherie
Since Cherie lives in Alaska, its not often that they can get together. It was a nice reunion and well worth the trip.

What a good lookin' group of guys!!

Must run in the family.



We made a quick trip to Disneyland and by quick I mean
1 day to drive
1 day to play
1 day to drive back home
That one day was a 14hr day of pure Disneyland BLISS

We only had 4 children for this little excursion
but 4 was plenty

Waiting for the Bugs Life 3D show

Taylor and the girls riding the Raisin box

The spinny Lady Bug... so much fun

Dylon was my roller coaster buddy. We went on as many rides as we could. It was difficult simply because the park was so busy and the lines were ridiculous. Taylor was such a good sport and watched the other girls while we went on our rides.

Here they are in Sleeping Beauty's castle. It was pretty funny that Taylor has been to Disneyland plenty of times and has NEVER been inside the castle.
Welcome to a new life full of little girls.

We had some technical difficulties on the Pinocchio ride and had to get out of our cart and walk the rest of the way out. Can't say that's ever happened to me before.

I had so much fun with these guys! Dylon was a total trooper and hung with a bunch of girls without a single complaint. Thanks Dyl.
Faith did really well for just having broken her arm 5 days before.
Mallory was all smiles ALL day. It was her 1st Disneyland trip and one she'll never forget.

Taylor had just bought her this sweatshirt and I'm pretty sure the excitement is written all over her face.

This was my FAVORITE part of the day! A 3 hr nap.... PERFECT!

After the 3hr nap...
an uncontrollable bundle of sugar high energy

Its a SMALL,
SMALL world
see now its stuck in your head

It was a great trip for everyone. We'll go again for sure, next time with the BOYS.


Never Enough Time

No Blog at Work Means Fewer Posts

That is where I was able to do most of my blogging and now the big corporate bullies said NO MORE. I'm not sure how I am going to make the time to post like I have in the past but I'll try.

I have a hard time just keeping up with a house, kids, work, boyfriend, friends, family etc. I'm not sure how some of you post as often as you do, but I'm totally jealous and will try to be a better blogger.

We have been busy this summer, don't get me wrong. Just because my blog is blank doesn't mean we are just hangin around the house. No, No. Taylor and I went on an anniversary trip to Santa Cruz and Great America, then we took the girls on a trip to Disneyland, we've been riding quads, and we leave next week for Yellowstone, no rest around here. I can't find my camera right at this moment, but when I do I'll make some posts and share our adventures.

Thanks for checking in though :o)