Just wanted to let everyone know that we made it to Rome safely and have been having the time of our lives!

The plane ride over wasn't bad at all for an overnight 20.5hr trip. We had a stop in Germany and I'll admit that once I heard the language barrier, I was a little frightened. It really hasn't been bad here in Rome though. Most everyone speaks a little broken English and getting around has been fairly easy. I've had a really hard time establishing my sense of direction and its a good thing I have Taylor because who knows where I would have ended up by now.

The first day here we made a whirlwind trip around most of the city by foot. Hitting the Colosseum, Roman forum, Palatine hill, the Pantheon, Trevi fountain, the Spanish steps, Victor Emanuel monument and at least half a dozen churches on the way. Pretty sure we walked at least 10-12miles that day.

Day #2 was spent at a little slower pace and we strolled through the smaller streets and alleys to the far north part of the city. Soaking in the different culture, sights and sounds. I'll have plenty of pictures, stories and descriptions later.

Day #3 was a day at the Vatican. This was a fantastic day where I just tried to grasp the reality that I was standing in the Sistine Chapel under the ceiling that Michelangelo himself had painted so long ago. The was the main ticket item for me, but I really enjoyed my trip to the Vatican and St. Peters Basilica and can't wait to share more later.

Day #4 (today) A train ride to the city of Pompei. Remember the stories we read in school- Mt. Vesuvius erupted and a giant cloud of hot ash fell upon the ancient Roman city, preserving it until its discovery and excavation. Well, I had no idea just how big this city was. We walked our fare share of miles today and I know that we missed a lot of the city. Pretty amazing though that so much of it still stands.

Well, thats the quick version of our trip so far. We've been struggling a little with the time change and have been going to bed around 7pm and waking around 4am. Taylor is asleep right now and I'm trying to stay awake a little longer so maybe I can sleep past 4. We'll see.

We come home on the 27th and I'll try to have pics up as soon as possible.


Not My Gumdrop Buttons!

I know this is a little late, but I'm still doing Christmas catch up. The girls built this little jewel of a GINGERBREAD house and it actually made it through the holidays.

I ended up doing the WINDOWS but the girls did the rest on their own.

Faith ran the ICING bag and Mallory was in charge of the CANDY.
Olivia was the clean up crew, eating all of the fallout and left over shingles. :o)


San Fransisco Part 2

On the 2nd day of our trip we went to the city park and spent the day in the aquarium/planetarium.

My little Mallory was very hands on and interested in everything. I'm pretty sure that she would have stayed if we'd have let her. She was so intrigued by the star fish and urchins. It was neat to see her so involved.

Olivia was just EVERYWHERE! There was so much to see and she was hard to keep an eye on.

Faith and Dylon were kind of off on their own, taking pictures of everthing they saw and touching everything they could.

My mom's ankle appointment went well and now she is scheduled to have her ankle fused at the end of January. Its going to be a long recovery but she is really looking forward to the pain relief after she recovers.

Grandad had a great time as well. I have very fond memories of going to San Fransisco with him and I was glad that my kids now have these memories also.

Mallory really enjoyed pal'n around with Taylor

Look at these 3 cute little butts :o)

Like always, I enjoyed spending time with Taylor. He grew up in the bay area so it was neat to have him show me around a little bit and hear the stories of him growing up. From the sounds of it, that little wild child makes me seem like an angel! HAHA! Just kidding babe!

Who doesn't love the Golden Gate Bridge?


San Francisco Part 1

We had a great trip to San Francisco in the beginning of December. The primary reason was to take my mom to a Dr. appt to have an ankle replacement. But we had a lot of fun just doing some basic sight seeing while we were there. In all there were 8 of us... Mom, Grandad (my moms dad), Taylor, myself, Faith, Mallory, Olivia and Dylon (Taylors oldest)

These are some of the pics that we took when the kids and I were just wandering around Jack London Square.

We were just goofin off, so I challenged the kids to a cartwheel contest, long jump contest, and sprint. Then I had to show off a bit.
I lost all but the cartwheel contest. And let me say, Dylon can jump a long way!

Hey what can I say, we'd just finished a long drive and all of the other adults were gone.

I really enjoyed Jack London Square.
I'd never been before and the kids and I had a blast just runnin around and burning off some excess energy.

The next day we went to the aquarium and planetarium at park in San Fran. I'll post those pics next.

What a good lookin group of kids

O Christmas Tree...

Ok, So here is where I play my LITTLE game of catch up. I've finally uploaded the pics from my camera and I'm bored at work

So let the GAMES BEGIN!
I really enjoy Christmas but mostly, I enjoy decorating for Christmas. The girls were great helpers and couldn't wait to decorate the tree this year.
If you couldn't tell,
This is SERIOUS business!
The girls wanted it just right. (hence, the intense concentration on their little faces)

Faith was the Master of Ceremonies this year and rearranged all of the ornaments after her sisters went to bed, trying to perfect the tree just so.

Nicely done girls!