I've been a bad blogger lately. Sadly, I just don't have the time and this falls way down on the priority list. Summertime is a busy time. Busy with trips, work, kids, chores and fun! no time to blog. Here is a condensed version of our Yellowstone trip in June. We made the 2 day drive and camped for 4 in the park. It was beautiful and there was enough wildlife to go around.On the way down we stayed in Twin Falls for a night. In the morning we went to check out Shoshone Falls. Crazy Pretty! Well worth it if you're in Twin.

The 3 musketeers

Mason, Ethan and Mallory

These 3 had a great time together. We really miss having Ethan around.

Old Faithful

See... they really do love each other.

This picture pretty much sums up what the kids thought about all of the hot springs. I don't know how many times I heard,
"Eeew! It stinks like rotten eggs."
It didn't take long before the kids were sick of hot springs and geysers alike.

I think the name of this one was Fairy Falls. It was so pretty how it could give off such a colorful steam.

I think I was threatening children to smile in this picture. Can ya tell?

"Momma Meese"
The wildlife was definitely the best part of this park. We had so much fun trying to be the first one to spot an animal.

This adorable little black bear was one of our finds. We were so proud that we were the first ones to find him. It was PERFECT timing.
His name,
Edward the birthday bear (it was Taylors birthday and he was the one who found him)

Mal and Caden at the little Grand Canyon

Me and my love

This little buffalo was just meandering down the street. He had just checked out Taylors truck (the blue dodge) and now he was coming to greet us.