Lets try this again

This is where all of my long lost blogging time has gone. This "little" side business that we started to give us some extra cash has consumed every "little" bit of spare time that I used to have. There is a lot of time, labor and money that goes into a start up and we are almost done with this phase. We are up and running. Printing shirts. Embroidering hats. Entering bills. Balancing statements. Yeah, we're totally legit.

In the mean time...
Life goes on.

We had SO much fun this Halloween! Taylor had to work but we put on quite the show all on our own.
Go ahead. Count the kids around that table. Wait... I should have said
sit down
first, then count. I still have pumpkin seeds. go figure. :-)

Mason and I worked hard on this Iron Man pumpkin and I was pretty impressed with how well he turned out.

Mason was proud too

I really have to tell the whole story behind Dylons costume.
The day of Halloween, he decides that he wants to go trick-or-treating. Obviously, not gonna find much at the stores for a costume at this point.
He decides that he is going to be a Spartan Warrior. You all know that am not AT ALL crafty. Don't sew, couldn't if I tried. We're gonna have to improvise.
So at the Wal-Mart we pick up some tighty-whiteys, brown fabric dye, brown ribbon, a red blanket and some facial paint.
Spartan Warrior
It was SOOOO funny! The looks on peoples faces. Priceless!
Faith was Dorothy
Mallory was a Vampire
Olivia was Strawberry Shortcake
I really enjoyed dressing up with the girls this year. It made trick-or-treating that much more fun.