Happy Birthday to ME!

It was my 27th birthday on the 9th and it was by far the best birthday that I've ever had!!
Taylor gave me a heads up some time ago that we were going somewhere for my birthday, but that I wouldn't know where we were going or what we would be doing until my actual birthday.
So, on the morning of the 9th we boarded a plane headed for Phoenix. I knew this wasn't our final destination but I still had no idea where we were going to end up. Taylor is really good at keeping me in the dark.
After a short layover in Phoenix he handed me my boarding pass for the next flight.
Isn't that in New Mexico????
What in the hell is in Albuquerque? Are you sure you have the right girl?
I was now officially confused and to be honest, a little worried. After some reassuring that this was something that I said I wanted to do, and a couple of deep breathes, we were in Albuquerque.

Confused? Anxious? Nervous?

All of the above.

We get the rental car and head for the hotel. Now I feel better. I still have no idea, but I feel better.

Once we were in our room I finally get to find out what's really going on. Taylor hands me a card and inside are 2 tickets to see


Really?! Oh my Gosh!!!

Now the tears come, everything clicks and I couldn't believe that my boyfriend would go so far out of his way to bring us to New Mexico on my birthday to see my absolute favorite band play for one night. I have no doubt that I have the best guy in world laying right next to me.

We get dressed and head out for the night. Thai food was my choice for dinner. MMmmm. So good!

Yes, my hair is still purple and green from Burning Man!

He is so freakin adorable!!

The concert was at the Journal Pavilion in Albuquerque. We had great seats at a sold out concert. BTW, in case you were wondering, I'm on cloud 9 at this point in the night!

The Counting Crows opened up the show. Not as good as I had expected but that didn't matter because Maroon 5 was absolutely AMAZING!!
Every single song was great! Not to mention, I know every song by heart and I was more excited with each song they played.
Taylor and I sang and danced through the whole thing. It was perfect.

Don't forget to pause my music on the right so you can hear the concert.

When we got back to our room, we had a little surprise waiting for us.

The next morning we slept in until almost 11 then went out for some sight seeing in downtown Albuquerque before our plane left.

Taylor, You are the love of my life and I can't begin to Thank You enough for making my 27th birthday the best birthday EVER!!


Anonymous said...

Your worth it baby and next ........ ALASKA. What kind of trouble can we get into next.... Im sure we find something even if its a keep off the grass sign.. Love ya.

Jo said...

I can't wait to be your maid of honor cuz really Jen you gotta keep this one!

Taylor Tree said...

wow. he does treat you good!!
happy birthday.

4Hydes said...

Jen, I don't know if you read these comments but I found your blog and I love it. I haven't seen you and the girls since Pizza Barn and they are so beautiful. I can't believe how big they are. I don't even know this guy and I think he is awesome. You seem so happy and I am happy for you. Jamie

AHEM said...

I'm so impressed. There is nothing like getting out of town w/ no kids. Every woman deserves it. Your man is good to you.
Happy Birthday.

Aubrey said...

How fun! You look great together Jen! You're truely glowing! Thanks for the comment you left me. Aubrey

Tiffy said...

Jen I love you and I'm so glad you have somebody TO love you! You're amazing and he's a winner cuz he knows you're amazing too! Happy birthday, sorry mine's late but, all the same....

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so impressed!!!! I saw your blog about Burning Man and thought....she is creative too! Thats nice, but this morning when Taylor showed what you wrote about your birthday surprise, I started to cry....Tears of Happiness. I cant tell you how long I have waited for someone like you to come into his life.....Taylors Mom....Wendy

Emily said...

Oh Jen.....how we have wished for a man like this to come along. You SO deserve it more than anyone. You guys are awesome together.....and holy moly a true Brady Bunch!! I am soooo happy for you. I know I haven't met him, but I hope he knows that you have a 6+ foot body guard who will bring the heat if he messes up! ahahahah JUST KIDDING:) You are great. <3 you!