Any Ideas?

For all of you children of the 80's

I'm throwing an 80's party with the help of my dad and Joleen on the 27th of September and I'm in desperate need of affordable decorating ideas.

Here's the scenario...

We are throwing this party for really no good reason at all, besides the fact that I thought it would be fun to get as many people together from our little town and just cut loose for a night.

We are going to have a DJ playing all 80's music for some dancing, a few kegs and a margarita machine.

80's attire is mandatory

Its an all ages above 21 party

It will be at the airport hanger

Starting at 9:00pm

Here's the problem...

The hanger is WAY too big to decorate well

I'm poor (OK, maybe not but I don't want to spend much $$ on the decorations)

I lack creativity overall

The Solution...
I know blogspot is filled with very creative girls and I was hoping I could get some ideas from as many people as I could. Maybe somethings to throw on tables or up on the walls?


Jo said...

glad your asking for help! ive got nothing! haha! see you there though, i sure plan on havin a good time getting drunk with you whether theres a damn decoration on the table or not!

Emily said...

I'm kind of with Joleen on this one. ALL OF THE PEOPLE THAT WILL BE DRESSED UP WILL BE DECORATION ENOUGH. No stress, no bother. I say screw the decorations, you've done enough!! Really I am just saying this because I am at a loss too. :) Hope this helps. ahahahah.


Taylor Tree said...

what about a light show during the dancing?! remember these as our JR assemblies? man, i wish i were in town sounds like fun. i love the 80's

Tiffy said...

Try: www.liketotally80s.com for ideas.
Also, the common theme is to use:
neon colors for decor
neon colored rope lights
neon colored balloons/streamers
for centerpieces, use tape cassette players
for table decor try using 80s popular candy like pop rocks and chiclets.
have rubiks cubes about for decor and party favors
gold tablecloths
cheap plastic neon sunglasses
cans of aquanet hairspray

just a few suggestions. hope they help!
you guys are gonna have a really great party!

4Hydes said...


I think that neon is the key, I would say the dollar store may be a good place for inexpensive decos. L.A Gear, rolled pants, etc. I have a good idea, have everyone come toasted that way they won't care one bit about the decos. Also, I saw Denise on your blog, she looks great. Tell her I said Hi and hope everything is going good the next time you talk to her.

Sassy Christian Momma said...

Hope you don't mind, i blog hopped from Traci's blog and found you! Great pics too! Looks like you are so much in Love! As far as decorating tips. Definitely GOOGLE party decorations in your appropriate theme and you'll get a ton of help but, i think the girls are right some neon/ disco lights and a few things on the table and you gotta party! Check our blog out if you feel like it! Glad to know you are doing well!
~Corrine H.