FlashBack to the 80's

Welcome to 1985

The 80's party went off without a hitch. It was sooo much fun to see everyone dressed up, and I must say that all of the girls did a great job with their outfits. No offense guys, but all you had to do was throw on a mullet and you're good.

Its easy to have fun at a party when you're surrounded by good people, and we nothing but close friends and family to get down with all night. The music was great too! Who would've thought that it would be so much fun to dance to the music we grew up with.

Yeah, I tried to pull off the Jane Fonda look.

Nice LEGS babe!!

Here is most of the Carey clan that made it to the party. I laughed so hard that I cried when I saw my older sister Marla, (in the black leather jacket) because she is 10yrs older than me and I clearly remeber her looking just like this.

I actually got my dad to wear a mullet and hammer pants. It was soo FUNNY!!

This was during a game called flip cup. It was girls vs boys and the object is to start at one end of the table with each person having a half cup of beer in front of them. The 1st girl and guy drink their beer and put their empty cup upside down on the edge of the table then flip the cup one full revolution until it lands upside down again on the table. Once you do this the next person on your team can do the same, 1st team done wins. Unfortunately the boys won, but the girls had a healthy lead for most of the game. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!

Those are some long ol' legs Joleen!

You know you're done when you're authentic 80's jean cut-offs give up on you.

We finally called it a night around 2am and then yes, we went out to the bar without changing our clothes. Its a good thing we live in Fallon :)


Aubrey said...

You guys are so crazy! You all look like the part. You & Joleen look awesome! Should have came just to take pic's of everyone!

Taylor Tree said...

lol. i love you and joleens outfits!!

Jo said...

We were soo hot! How do we beat this next year?

Emily said...

Um, I just wanted to say I miss you....and I hope you are having fun in ALASKA!!! LUCKY. Talk soon~